ShagLive Girls- Are They Good?

There are some incredible live cam girls out there, but is ShagLife the best live cam site for you? If you want to find one then read on.

Not always the best at acting like models

Not always the best at acting like models

First of all, ShagLife offers some of the best website content you will find anywhere. The live cam chat rooms are high quality and offer a variety of topics for you to chat about with your girl. As an added bonus, ShagLife’s live chats offer access to their own members only message boards where you can exchange links and share ideas.

The ShagLive camgirls are very fun to interact with, and you can make requests for anything you want from them. The ShagLive girls also provide a large selection of cowgirl lingerie for you to choose from.

Although there are a lot of things to like about ShagLive, there are a few things that will get you on the look out list with the girls and leave you wondering if this is a site for you. Some of the topics that the girls discuss on the live cam sites may seem sexist and even offensive, so be careful. Take the time to learn all about the subject before you join the site.

The girls on ShagLive are not always the best at acting like models, so if you do not have an imagination you might feel disappointed. On the other hand, most of the girls in ShagLive are well experienced at being models and are quite convincing.

Use real people to portray on their live cams

Use real people to portray on their live cams

One of the things that will hold you back from joining ShagLive is the fact that they use real people to portray on their live cams. They are not just computer generated images like some of the other cam sites do. If you are worried about having someone in a live camming setting impersonating you, this may not be the best site for you. Another thing to be careful about is that the girls on ShagLive live cam for the money and not as a means of letting other men pay to have a look at them. A few men will try to take advantage of this and will pretend to be interested in the women they are paying to look at, so if you want to be safe ask them for the credentials to their account before you enter their cam room.

Once you sign up for the site you will need to pay for the service of being a ShagLive cam girls. You will also have to pay a yearly fee if you want to be a member. The guys on the ShagLive site are not paid in cash or in any other form of payment, instead they get to keep all of the earnings.

If you are not a guy and prefer to be a cam girl yourself, you can always use the ShagLive site as a model for yourself. For example, once you pay a one time membership fee and create an account you can begin looking for paid opportunities in the men’s category of the site.

Decide to join ShagLive and become a live cam girl

Decide to join ShagLive and become a live cam girl

The biggest draw of ShagLive is its massive customer base. Anyone can join ShagLive and it does not require a credit card, PayPal account or any type of identification number.

There are lots of ladies who were not able to make it into the ShagLive team because they could not fulfill their membership requirements. You will be the envy of many, if you decide to join ShagLive and become a live cam girl for a while.

Many people have started to enjoy ShagLive, but before you join it is important to know all of the things that could get you turned off to the site. That way you can avoid them.

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