How Can I Withdraw Credits and Get Money in My Account Without Going to a Bank

Thanks to developing information technologies and banking practices, people do not need to go to the bank branch to apply for loans or to allocate loans. Thanks to this application called instant loan, it is possible to transfer the general purpose loan to the account in a short time and start the installment payments from the next month.

It should be noted that instant credit facility is still only offered by some banks. In this respect, it may be beneficial to mention the details that should be known about the banks that give instant loans and these loan products for the consumers who say how I can take the loan and get the money into my account without going to the bank.

Is Instant Credit Given to Those Who Do Not Have Income?

Is Instant Credit Given to Those Who Do Not Have Income?

It is not possible for people who do not have any income or assets to use loans. The only exception to this situation is the establishment of a business, initiative, and due to the fact that social payments will be made through various legislations, the credit allocation is decided by the state through banks.

Is Credit Allocated on Public Holidays?

Banks can serve on weekends if there is no work to be done at the branch for loan allocation. Since the loan allocation is carried out via the transfer method, credit allocation can be made within 5-10 minutes without requiring any upper authority approval.

Therefore, weekends, festive holidays, administrative holidays, etc. Credit allocation can be made every day, regardless of whether or not. The only condition for this is that there is no work to be done at the branch.

Instant Loan Terms

Instant Loan Terms

There are some conditions that must be met in order for instant credit allocation to take place:

  • Being over the age of 18,
  • Having a high credit score,
  • Having regular income,
  • It is necessary to be from SGK.

How much credit is given

The upper limit of the loan that banks can give is in the list above, however, there is also a limitation on how much credit people can get. According to the BRSA legislation, it is possible for individuals to transfer a maximum of half of their monthly income as a loan installment payment to the bank. Therefore, after the monthly income is divided by two, the maximum amount of credit can be withdrawn after the loan is multiplied by the maturity.

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